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  • Uruguay in unique position: A trade surplus with China

    Uruguay, one of the most stable economies in Latin America, is increasingly looking to China to boost trade and growth.

    And Uruguay has a trade surplus with China, one of the few countries in the world to be in that position. A recent story in China Daily highlights this unique position. Why? Uruguay is small but it produces lots and lots of food, much more food than the country of just 2 million needs.

    Uruguay’s exports to China, which is now the Latin American country’s largest trading partner, topped US$2.1 billion last year, almost a third of the country’s total.

    Thirtytwo years after Uruguay established diplomatic relations with China, the country’s relatively young administration is looking to the other side of the world to short up its trade, economy and finances.

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  • asphalt-auto-automobile-164634.jpg

    Car sales offer a microcosm of China’s economy

    By Alfred Romann

    China’s auto market offers a great case study for much of what is happening with China’s economy.

    Like much of China’s broader economy, the market is slowing. Sales have been dropping steadily for the last few months. In fact, total vehicle sales fell 10.1 percent year-on-year in October and 0.9 percent month-on-month. Trade tensions and consumer concerns both play a role in the slowdown. A completely predictable and totally natural slowdown after years of ridiculous growth also play into it.

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  • 100-bank-banknotes-730547.jpg

    Cryptocurrencies interesting but too small to move mountains

    By Alfred Romann

    Cryptocurrencies continue to fuel debate among regulators and users. 

    The total value market capitalization of cryptocurrencies as of Oct. 28 was almost US$210 billion. Take out Bitcoin, the grandmother of crypto, and that drops to US$97 billion. The current market cap of cryptocurrencies is down to about a third of the peaks hit in January.

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