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Our services cover every stage of content generation to enable and facilitate the production of world-class thought leadership, editorial campaigns, social media messaging and insightful research to help clients achieve their goals.


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Our team can help meet the content needs of publications looking for engaging general or specialist content built on local market knowledge.



Bahati helped a leading trade publication owned by a major global media company expand its Asian and Latin American coverage without significantly expanding its budget or opening bureaus abroad. The magazine publishes daily and focuses on a specific sector of the healthcare space. Their goal was to provide its readers with a stream of interesting and topical content first from Asia and later from Latin America without the hassles of setting up offices, moving people overseas, or hiring staff in hard-to-navigate and distant countries with complex regulations.


Bahati continues to act as something of a foreign bureau for the magazine, the global leader in its specific space. Bahati writers and editors generate content on a daily basis. Over time, Bahati’s writers have become an integral part of the magazine’s workflow. By being on the ground and dedicated to providing regular content, Bahati’s writers have built relationships with both the editors and the industry, facilitating the provision of more in-depth, topical and timely content that helps the magazine extend its scope, appeal to a wider audience and attract more subscribers.


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We have produced long white papers for Big Four accounting firms and global consultancies as well as short notes for small businesses. Clients rely on Bahati to produce a steady flow of content.


One company wanted to reach out to its clients and highlight its expertise and knowhow without the use of long and technical white papers that are only read by a few. They wanted their message to be clear, succinct and insightful. And they wanted this thought leadership to go to their clients, not for their clients to have to search out their insight and knowhow.


Bahati’s solution was to package their information and insight into an e-mail package, longer than a short note but much shorter than a white paper and accessible enough so that their chief executive clients could digest it in minutes.

We produce thought leadership, research reports, white papers, online content and social media that crystalize your ideas, helping you craft a sharper and cleaner message.



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One-of-a-kind, dedicated and confidential research produced specifically to meet your business needs and driven by sophisticated data science capabilities.



Working with our strategic partner Delta Analysis, we have the reach and ability to tap into data-based research capabilities to strengthen any reasearch project.


One of our clients is a shipping information technology company owned by one of the largest shipping companies in the world. The client set out to produce a series of quarterly reports on the state of the industry. Working with Delta Analysis, Bahati produced a series of light indexes to track the flow of logistics globally.


These indexes help inform a series of ongoing quarterly reports that build on our client’s messaging and help it reach more customers for its sophisticated products.
needs of the client.