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Gina Lee
30 May 2022

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16 February 2022
China Daily

Zhang Mengying
28 March 2022
BioWorld Medtech

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Uruguay in unique position: A trade surplus with China

Uruguay, one of the most stable economies in Latin America, is increasingly looking to China to boost trade and growth.
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Car sales offer a microcosm of China’s economy

China’s auto market offers a great case study for much of what is happening with China’s economy. Like much of China’s broader economy, the market ...
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Cryptocurrencies interesting but too small to move mountains

Cryptocurrencies continue to fuel debate among regulators and users.
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A long-awaited emotional and financial boost for China’s cancer patients

Imagine this: if your beloved one was diagnosed of a fatal cancer, dealing with heartbreaks aside, you had to start borrowing money for the treatment. ...
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Tariffs Notwithstanding, Globalization Alive and Well in Healthcare

The backlash against global trade and the resurgence of protectionism is increasingly evident, mostly out of the U.S.
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South Korea takes steps to lower pharma prices

South Korea’s latest moves to make drugs more affordable are slowing down the growth of the pharma market in the country and maybe hurting sales ...
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China’s pivot to America could overshadow the US’s pivot to Asia

There has been so much discussion of the United States pivot to Asia that few people have stopped to consider the implications or the success ...
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A China-US trade war is not likely to be

All the talk that has erupted in the past couple of weeks about possible trade wars between the United States and China has been interesting ...
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Poverty, growth and baseless anger

Fast growing Asian countries have “eliminated” poverty at an astonishing speed, bringing people out of extreme poverty into mere gut-reaching poverty.
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Dealing with drugs: Colombia’s dilemma

There are few issues with just two sides or a clear right and wrong. This is a recurrent theme for us and one that Sergio ...
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A dengue vaccine… finally

It has been a long time coming, but the first dengue vaccine should hit the market next year in Mexico and, with any luck, in ...
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2016 BOAO Forum for Asia

This year’s BOAO Forum for Asia (BFA) has a theme of Asia’s New Future: New Dynamics, New Vision.
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R&D spend driving China pharma co’s

China is not a powerhouse of innovation, yet, but it is certainly trying to pay its way into that particular status.
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Australia’s largest life science fund

It is no surprise that the life science sector including pharmaceutical, medical devices etc. is one of the hottest investment destinations.
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Indonesia’s FDI troubles

When Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) rejected some 6,541 foreign investment permits last month, it underscored a problem Indonesia has been facing for a couple ...
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Asian cities need sustainability

Environment, productivity and work hours are all big issues
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Cheap oil helps Indonesia

Cheap oil has helped Indonesia eliminate punishing subsidies and while the move is likely to bump inflation up, it will also free up a about ...
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Bitcoin in Hong Kong

While many see Hong Kong as ideally positioned to become a global hub for digital currencies and internet finance, the road forward seems far from ...
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China Issues Biosimilar Guidelines Draft

After years of waiting, Chinese biosimilar makers will soon have a set of guidelines to follow.
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Venezuela’s farcical medical device crisis

The government of Venezuela, which owes medical device companies around the world more than US$245 million, is now calling for the arrest of domestic device ...
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HK protests impressive but status confusing

Eight days into the protests that have shut down entire neighbourhoods of the city, things are looking… ah… complicated.
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Vaccines are good

Vaccines are great. They are arguably one of the most important public health tools of the last century.
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Malaysian rate hike signals new trend

Malaysia’s central bank welcomed Ramadan fasts and celebrations through July and August by raising the country’s interest rate for the first time in three years.
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World Cup economics benefits are virtually nill

The World Cup is finished, much to the chagrin of our favorite Argentine team that came so close to taking a third cup only to ...
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Another burst in Japan: drug approvals

Japan’s healthcare industry has been marked by a fascinating dichotomy for the last couple of decades. A dichotomy that hurt patients most of all.
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Latin America: The Forgotten Continent

The chaotic Latin American market is key to publications in a wide range of areas and is one that those with a focus on Asia ...
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Chinese Investment Is Far From Scary

A new report suggests Chinese FDI in U.S. high tech may not be as scary as popular opinion there would have us believe.
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Healthcare Research Suggests More Growth in the Offing

Japan’s efforts to recreate its healthcare funding system provides at least one reason behind the ongoing bull market in healthcare and biotech.
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Volunteers Make Asian Miracles Possible

When major earthquakes all but destroyed Sumatra, in Indonesia, in 2004, a well-established tradition of volunteer labor made it possible for the region to recover.
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