2016 BOAO Forum for Asia

2016 BOAO Forum for Asia

March 31 2016

Looking to the future


This year’s BOAO Forum for Asia (BFA) has a theme of Asia’s New Future: New Dynamics, New Vision.


This time, the 17th annual gathering of leaders and industry professionals in Asia covers areas such as inclusive finance, disruptions of traditional business and economic models, new banking practices, regional cooperation and growing links through reforms and initiatives.



The sharing economy, in particular, plays an important role in shaping Asia’s future. The market is estimated to be worth $330 billion by 2025. The sharing business model seems to be accepted well by the public and is providing alternatives to weak financial and banking systems across Asia. Bahati’s writers interviewed speakers and industry experts for China Daily Asia Weekly. To get an idea of what the future will be like for Asia, read the story here.

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