Who we are

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    Alfred Romann
    Managing Director

    Alfred Romann has 20 years of experience as a journalist and economist. His writing is focused on Asia and Latin America. Alfred studied journalism at Centennial College in Canada and economics at Harvard University in the US. He has worked across the Americas, Africa and Asia. He is fluent in Spanish and conversant in Mandarin Chinese. Alfred has written extensively for international publications and multinational organizations on issues of economics, finance and development. Alfred splits his time between Vancouver and Hong Kong.

  • Cornelia Zou

    Cornelia Zou has been working with Bahati since 2013 and now guides our operations in Asia while writing for a variety of publications including BioWorld, BioWorld Medtech, Hong Kong Lawyer, Asian Legal Business and Asian Legal Business China. Cornelia has a master’s degree in International Management from Oxford Brookes University. She is based in Hong Kong.


    Sergio Held
    Director – Latin America

    Sergio Held is a Colombian-German journalist based out of Bogota, Colombia. He guides Bahati’s operations in Latin America and writes for a variety of outlets including BioWorld, BioWorld Medtech, Al Jazeera and China Daily. He previously lived in Hong Kong and Barcelona, and is a qualified lawyer from Universidad de Los Andes (Bogota) with a minor in journalism from the same university. He also received a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Hong Kong. Sergio also produces radio and TV content from Bogota for national and international media outlets.

  • David Ho
    Senior Reporter

    David Ho is a senior editor at Bahati, an editorial services agency, and a contributing editor at China Daily. He has covered a wide array of beats over his 12 year of experience as a journalist and writer. His work has ranged from feature pieces to international publications to current event analysis. Originally from Malaysia, David is fluent in English, Mandarin and Malay. David is an accomplished yoga practitioner and teacher and, in his spare time, makes music and creates resin crafts.

  • Alex Ho

    Alex Ho researches and writes on issues of finance, business and health care. Based in Hong Kong, he contributes to multiple publications/organisations including real time financial news wires, accounting firms and local news media. Alex has a bachelors degree from Carleton University in Canada in Finance and Economics. He spent 6 years in Canada and speaks fluent English and Chinese. Prior to joining Bahati, he worked for years as a due diligence analyst and financial market research analysts.

  • Jihyun Kim

    Jihyun Kim mainly covers the pharmaceutical and medical device business scenes in South Korea and Japan. As a writer, she tries to find out how medical products and regulations affect people’s lives. She formerly worked as a writer and broadcaster in Seoul, focusing on Korea’s medical policies and drug safety issues. She graduated from Ewha Woman’s University and worked for Korea Exposé, Weekly Dong-A and SBS Radio in Korea. She is fluent in English, Japanese and Korean.

  • Elise Mak

    Elise Mak has been a staff writer for BioWorld, BioWorld Asia and BioWorld MedTech since 2018. She is based in Hong Kong/Beijing to cover the latest biotech development and innovation in Asia, with a focus on Greater China. Elise has been following the regulatory updates, biotech stocks, new companies and drug approvals to produce daily stories. She also covers biotech conferences in Greater China and talks to industry insiders for first-hand insights.

  • TV Padma
    Correspondent – India

    Padma is a Delhi-based science journalist, who has written extensively on science and technology policies in India, South Asia and developing countries. Padma began her career at Press Trust of India (PTI) and later ran development communication projects at the South Asia office of the Panos Institute. In 2005, she joined SciDev.Net as its first South Asia Regional Coordinator and was part of an award-winning team in 2005 that won the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) prize for best science reporting on the web for coverage of the 2004 Asian tsunami. She is also a recipient of the FAO’s World Food Day prize for best reporting on health and nutrition issues in India. She has a post-graduate degree in science and a PG diploma in bioethics.

  • Khawar Khan
    Correspondent – Pakistan

    Khawar is a broadcast multimedia journalist and documentary producer based in Karachi. He has more than ten years of experience covering ther health care and pharmaceutical sectors, data sciences, social and environmental issues. He is the winner of the 2017 ICRC Humanitarian Reporting Award.

  • Diego Laje
    Correspondent – Argentina

    Diego Laje is an emerging markets business correspondent covering South America with a focus on Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. His work appeared on CNN, The New York Times, BBC, AFP, AP, NHK World, and other outlets. He mainly covers sustainability, energy, international business and innovation. He holds a BA in Political Science from St. Andrews’ University and an MA in Journalism from the University of Hong Kong.