All the Access, None of the Cost

This is exactly how Bahati helped a trade publication owned by a major global media company expand its Asian and Latin American coverage without significantly expanding their budget or opening up bureaus abroad.

The magazine publishes daily and focuses on a specific sector of the healthcare space. Their goal was to provide its readers with a stream of interesting and topical content first from Asia and later from Latin America without the hassles of setting up offices, moving people overseas or hiring staff in hard-to-navigate and distant countries with complex regulations.

Bahati offered a solution.

We provided the publication in question, a daily that is published digitally, with dedicated reporters to cover markets in Asia and Latin America – out of Hong Kong and Bogota. In effect, Bahati acts as a foreign bureau for the magazine at a fraction of the cost of setting up an office far away, at great cost and with enormous risk.

Over time, the writers become part of the magazine working hand in hand with their in-house writers and editors. By being on the ground and dedicated to providing regular content for the publication, Bahati’s writers have built relationships with both the editors and the industry, which facilitates the provision of more in-depth, topical and timely content that helps the magazine extend its scope, appeal to a wider audience and attract more subscribers.

Bahati works with a pool of regular clients like this one to generate unique and interesting editorial content for mass market and specialty publications. We track news and developments in specialty areas to generate a regular stream of content, typically on a weekly basis but more or less frequently to suit your needs. And we work with clients for the long-term. We are as committed to the publication as they are.

We count among our clients publications owned by some of the largest media organizations in the world, industry organizations, newspapers with international or local distribution and state media. We understand your need for timeliness, accuracy and relevance in the coverage you provide to your readers and work hard – both with you and on our own – to ensure every piece we provide meets the highest standards of content and quality.

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