Answering the Esoteric

Companies and entrepreneurs have questions about the depth of markets, about opportunities open to them, about potential partners, about where to send sales people, about the complexities of a particular piece of legislation, and many other things. Chances are that if they did not ask questions they would not have much of a business.

At times, the questions are easily answered with a Google search. At other times, an expensive consultant is required to carry out a long and complex study that will inevitably provide plenty of data and fodder for discussion. But there are also times when the question is too specific or complex for Google but not requiring expensive consultants to seek out an answer or develop a strategy.

That is exactly the position that a client found itself some time ago when it wanted to determine the availability of pilots in Asia. The client was afflicted with early stage curiosity about the state of affairs in Asia but did not have the desire or motivation to undertake a large and detailed study. Bahati was in exactly the right position to provide some answers at the right cost and with a clear understanding that time was a factor.

Over the years there have been other similar queries: the market for flight simulators, the source of funding for a particular company in Africa, the reputation of a particular financier, the size and complexity of a particularly involved conglomerate or how to import meat into China.

All these questions were answered with enough depth to make a decision, enough speed so that the idea that spurred the question was still relevant and, importantly, always meeting the budget needs of the client.

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