Clear Thought Leadership

There is no typical project. We have produced long white papers for Big Four accounting firms and global consultancies and short notes for small business. Clients rely on Bahati to produce a steady flow of content in the form of short notes and e-mailers to distribute to their clients.

One company wanted to reach out to its clients and highlight its expertise and knowhow but did not want to produce long and obscure white papers that often go unread. They wanted their message to be clear, succinct and insightful. And they wanted this thought leadership to go to their clients, not for their clients to have to search out their insight and knowhow.

Their solution was to package their information and insight into an e-mail package, longer than a short note but much shorter than a white paper and accessible enough so that their chief executive clients could digest in minutes.

Bahati worked with the client, a global consultancy, in producing a series of e-mailers along those lines. And we continue to work with this particular client on similar information packages to reach out to more clients and distribute more information and insight to more people and win more mandates.

We can produce thought leadership tailored to meet your needs or work with you to put your ideas on paper, craft a sharper and cleaner message based on your knowledge and expertise. We understand that you want to communicate with your clients often and effectively but may not have the time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

That’s where we come in.

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