About Us


We produce editorial content, white papers, notes and books for global and specialist publications, multinational businesses and business publishers.

We write about Asia (not just China but also Japan, South Korea, the ASEAN countries and more), Latin America and Africa and we focus on economics, business, development, healthcare, biotechnology, medical devices and a few sporadic obsessions like Bitcoin, crowdfunding, volunteerism, Hong Kong television and cigar taxes in Costa Rica.

We write in English, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We are based in Hong Kong but our network is spread out all the way to Latin America.


Why work with us?

For starters, we are committed to meeting your needs. And commitment is a long term thing. We work with clients for years at a time – not that we are opposed to a quickie one off.

We are on the ground in Asia and Latin America and are happy to be your eyes, ears and, at times, mouth at a distance.

We can handle a variety of engagements from a single long-form writing to a steady stream of short editorial pieces over years.

We are cost effective and can work to your budget and needs.